Learn how Radar Film have been creating video in support of Kyra’s fundraising objectives!

Kyra are delighted to have worked with Radar Film recently, producing some professional quality video content for the project. Radar film are a professional video production company based in the Harrogate and Leeds area, run by Chris Rawson. The paths of Kyra and Radar Film crossed at a business networking event before Christmas when Alison (Kyra volunteer and trustee) gave a presentation to the group in York.

By donating a day of valuable time to the Kyra Women’s Project, Radar Film created a series of testimonial videos. The video content focused solely on the stories and backgrounds of 3 women who are Kyra members. ‘When I saw the presentation to the group it was immediately obvious to me that the power of the Kyra is in its service users.’ Said Chris ‘Charities can use video in a number of ways; to promote events, to highlight appeals, or as in this case, to show who the charity is there to support. I wanted to get right into the heart of who the charity was and to do that, I wanted to video interview some of the service users, to shine a light into Kyras world’.

The videos are going to be used by Kyra during presentations in support of profile raising objectives as the project continues to grow. ‘It’s not everyday that you get to meet and speak to someone battling alcohol addiction, or mental health problems, and this sort of video content can shine a light, maybe a mirror, on the subjects’ said Chris.

The overall aim is to use the videos as a means of taking the service users into actual meetings whether promoting Kyra to potential new members or financial supporters. The power of the video is the same as the power of Kyra – that being the testimony of the service users who depend on it. Whether their needs are caused by loneliness, mental health issues, substance addiction or relationship problems is almost irrelevant. The power of the testimony in the videos is evidence. Take a look!

Alex – Kyra from Radar Film on Vimeo.

Jo Kyra from Radar Film on Vimeo.

Heather Poem from Radar Film on Vimeo.

Pam from Radar Film on Vimeo.

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