I would like to thank Kyra for all the help and support it has offered me.

In July 2013 I left my family home in Birmingham, leaving behind my two daughters aged 11 and 16. The week prior to my exodus from the family home, my husband abused me by pulling out chunks of my hair and rubbing saliva into my eyes.

This seemed wrong: it was the tip of the iceberg. I was punched in the ribs, back and arm on separate occasions. I was also subjected to emotional, psychological and financial abuse as well as been exposed to controlling behaviour, blackmailing, vile insults and other demeaning behaviour.

Kyra has given me the opportunity to attend a self-esteem and assertiveness course which I am now actually pursuing, as well as job search skills.

Initially I was very apprehensive about attending, I didn’t want to share my pain.However, as I have being [sic] involved with the course my confidence has grown, sharing has helped and I now feel I am taking valuable steps in growing my confidence and moving from isolation, back into full integration and participation insociety. Now I just need the right work opportunity to meet my needs to progress.

Thanks Kyra for all your help and encouragement.