I have previously done a creative writing course in a large classroom, about 16-18 people, mixed age and sex.  I became mortified when asked to read out my work (as some people seemed prepared) in front of these people, my work sounded so amateur.  I felt myself shrivel up inside, felt stupid, told myself ‘I can’t do it’. I then heard that Kyra were doing a Creative Art course,

I was so pleased and eventually spoke to someone who said that a creative writing course was starting, (well I knew I was not going to join that!).  I told them I didn’t want to do that – I wanted to do the Art.  I was encouraged to have a go at the Creative writing and told there was no pressure and if it wasn’t for me there was no problem.

I arrived in a heightened state of anxiety, how many people, oh hell I really didn’t want to do this.  I went into a small room with a couple of sofas and five people.  It was just so different from the previous writing course.  Really enjoyed it, to the extent we meet up once a month and I wouldn’t miss it.  It has reignited my enthusiasm and has enabled me to go on to do so many others things.