We are incredibly proud of, and thankful to, Dove Armistead, who did a skydive in March to raise £1,166 for Kyra Women’s Project!  That Dove was prepared to dive out of a plane for Kyra shows what Kyra means to her. It is even more amazing when you know a little more about her….

Dove’s own life could never be described as easy.  From as early as eight years of age anorexia has figured in her life, apart from brief recovery periods, and she traces self-harm, drug addiction, and alcoholism back to this one cause.

She reflects that it has, to some extent, been her way of coping with traumatic events that happened earlier in her childhood. More recently, the death of a very close friend, separation from her husband of 14 years, and a move away from her home and familiar surroundings has led to depression.

Despite illness, sadness and pain, it is not Anorexia or depression but rather Dove’s inspiring honesty and courage that single her out.

“It’s so important for a woman in my position to be heard, not belittled, judged or labelled  as simply anorexic– I am far more than that,” she says.

“When I was really ill I withdrew and isolated myself. I have learned how important it is to manage isolation and Kyra offers a safe and friendly environment to do this. Kyra is there for woman of all ages and all needs.”

“Anorexia is a horrible illness and when it completely engulfs you there seems to be no way out.  The opportunity to be open and honest with empathic and non judgemental women makes me feel normal and an accepted member of society rather than ‘freak’.”

“I feel it is important as a woman to have a place that is a sanctuary:  somewhere you can meet and be around people who are on a similar path to recovery, to get support and have a sense of community, and not be isolated.”

“Although there are many worthy charitable causes, I picked Kyra to benefit from my Sky Dive. Kyra offers a safe base where I and so many other women feel cared for and supported.  It is a self-funding charity for the women of York and local area and it is such an important place for their wellbeing and motivation. It helps them find the courage to make changes in their lives.  I needed somewhere where I could be supported and guided, and found it in Kyra.  If it works for one woman it will work for others.”

Thanks Dove for raising £1,166 for Kyra!

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