How I came to use Kyra was to support a client, sadly she was unwell and couldn’t attend the sessions but I felt that I could benefit from attending the course on a personal level. I was met with a smile and a friendly face welcoming me in, I was nervous and a bit apprehensive to start just because the job I have people presume that being confident is something I couldn’t have a problem with. A group of probably equally nervous people waited for the course to start. We shared and found common ground, being able to support and work on things together gave us all strength.

This is where I felt I could be me, I didn’t need to pretend, I was accepted for just being me! That felt good! During the course I got support from the Kyra team and those lovely people attending the course, I grew as a person, the group grew together and forged some great friendships. Kyra offered me much more than a course, it gave me strength to be me! Reading messages that we wrote at the beginning of the course and seeing how far we had come by the end was immeasurable. Since leaving the course I have being able to put in to practice some of what I’ve learnt and now volunteer to hopefully enable more people to use the services Kyra has to offer.

Come and meet the team at Kyra, you will be made to feel welcome. E