6th April – How to be confident and assertive in everyday life


Please book your place on Eventbrite (ticket price £5.83)

Need help finding the confidence to use your voice?

Want to discover practical ways to build your confidence and assertiveness in everyday life?

This session will give you the opportunity to look at

  • how assertive you are
  • what assertiveness is
  • how you can develop more of it

You will also have the opportunity to

  • take the confidence audit
  • look at what confidence actually is
  • and how you can access more of it, more often.

Sound like something you would like to know more about? Then book your ticket now and join the Kyra team and Jules Wyman, Confidence Coach, on Saturday 6th April 10-12pm at the Novotel York.

Please book your place on Eventbrite (ticket price £5.83)

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