Kyra’s Update Regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

You will be aware that the approach and strategy to COVID-19 has been changing almost on a daily basis. We wanted to share Kyra’s position with our staff, members, volunteers and any other partners, specifically in light of today (Monday 16thMarch 2020) and the Prime Minister’s briefing with more stringent measures now being advised.

It is our duty to take all reasonable steps to protect all of you, and by this we mean our members who come along, our staff and volunteers who deliver sessions attending Kyra on a regular basis and individuals who support us in other ways. We have therefore had to take the decision to close drop-in sessions after Thursday 26th March 2020. This is subject to the ongoing government advice ( and we would urge you to continue to adhere to this. We understand and appreciate that this will have an impact on our members, however, we have been left with no other option as we will not have enough volunteers attending to support these.

Members will be contacted regarding courses and groups and should keep reviewing and looking at our Facebook page for regular updates.

We are looking at ways to offer support to our members as an alternative to coming into Kyra. Please be assured that we will endeavour to find other ways and will advise and update as soon as we possibly can to try and continue to offer support.

We will continue to review the situation and will be guided by government advice. We will continue to update and will open as soon as we possibly can.

We thank you for your understanding.

Yvonne Copley, Chief Executive

Natalie McMillan, Chair

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