My Story

I was at loss with no-where to turn, I felt I’d completely exhausted all of my back up energy and was running close to empty.

I had come out of an abusive marriage but due to contact with children was still stuck in an abusive relationship with my ex. I finally rang someone for help and advice; that is when I contacted IDAS. I was quickly assigned a case worker who just listened and offered support in the form of a workshop, ‘Moving on From Domestic Abuse’.

The weekly workshops run by IDAS were held in a place called KYRA. I’d never heard of KYRA and had no idea of the service they offered.

Volunteers from KYRA helped out at the workshop. They were so lovely! They were compassionate and completely non-judgemental. After I’d completed the Domestic Abuse sessions I was at a loss as to what to do next and how to continue with my overall goal of changing the way I responded to my ex. The staff and volunteers at KYRA ensured we all knew there were plenty of opportunities for us to continue getting support from them in various ways. I chose to attend a course called ESTA which is to help build low self-esteem.

My first session on the ESTA course I was full of doubt, after all, how could a 10 week course really make a difference to improve my low self-esteem after all these years?

The course was run in an extremely professional manner and allowed us all time to discuss whatever came up for us at any time. Each of us was there for different reasons and any issues which arose during the sessions were often followed up by the offer of other services within KYRA, for example, counselling sessions; financial advice; or simply drop in sessions for company and chat.

Each session was structured and the course flowed really well. After just over half way through, all of a sudden it was like a switch had been turned in my brain and I started feeling more confident, more like my old self again. Couldn’t believe it! This spurred me on to set goals and to look forward to a future and opportunities I really believed were lost for me.

I am overwhelmed with how lovely and compassionate and supportive all of the staff and volunteers have been towards me since I first stepped through their door. I am also a different person in myself; I am now more confident and feel happy and enthusiastic about my future.

I honestly didn’t think it was possible. Admittedly, I am not completely healed from the years of abuse and subsequent low self-esteem. However, I now have the tools and the ongoing support from KYRA, to get there.

Thank you so much!!