Kyra is looking for a freelance worker to deliver on our project to integrate women involved in the justice system or at risk of offending, into Kyra’s groups. Working 7  hours/week for a year, you will enrol women into Kyra, find a programme for them to meet their needs from amongst Kyra’s services and support them towards a more positive future. For full details see the contract document.. If you would like to apply for this role please email

Contract for Coordinator for Integration

Purpose of role: to develop and grow our support of women in the social and criminal justice system and decrease social inequality, crime and criminalisation.

This post is restricted to women due to the nature of the role. The Occupational Requirement under Schedule 9 (part 1) of the Equality Act 2010 applies.

Terms and conditions:

  •  You will be contracted on a self-employed consultancy basis.
  •  You will report to the Business Support Officer
  •  Date of commencement: as soon as possible
  •  Length of contract: 7 hours per week for 1 year Completion: contract to be completed by Jan/Feb 2022
  • Hourly rate: £18.00 per hour
  • Overall responsibilities:
  •  Build and develop collaboration and understanding with other local
  • organisations working in the area of women’s involvement with the criminal
  • justice system
  •  Facilitate referrals from other organisations into Kyra’s services
  •  Assess referrals, enrol women as members and identify their support and
  • development needs (training in the enrolment process will be given)
  •  Coordinate these members’ attendance at a programme of interventions
  • and sessions to meet their needs and enable personal progression
  •  Where necessary, link the member to specific support from our partner
  • organisations e.g. re childhood abuse, domestic abuse, financial concerns
  •  Maintain regular contact with the woman’s key worker; and with each
  • woman to maintain support via weekly meet-ups, phone calls or email
  • contact.
  •  Monitor, evaluate and report on the impact of Kyra’s interventions on the
  • individual
  •  Provide feedback on findings and identify areas for further development of Kyra services
  •  At all times to carry out every aspect of your duties to the highest standard
  • with due regard to Kyra policies and procedures including the Equalities
  • statement.
  •  Undertake other duties as may be reasonably determined by the Business
  • Support Officer in relation to this project
  •  Maintain confidentiality in relation to both members and volunteers
  •  Maintain appropriate records and keep these secure, in line with Kyra’s data
  • protection obligations
  •  File documents in appropriate electronic and hard copy filing systems following GDPR guidelines and Kyra’s Data Protection policy.


£18 per hour. Payment will be authorised on receipt of a signed invoice and verified work. Payment will be made into a bank account as an electronic payment. This hourly rate is inclusive of travel time.

Contract requirements:

  • Work hours and activities must be logged.
  • Review of activity to be held with the Business Support Officer on a monthly basis
  • Kyra safeguarding and lone working procedures must be followed
  • The service provider (worker) must provide evidence of experience/qualifications relevant to the role
  • The worker must hold a current DBS check.

Tax and National Insurance:

Kyra Women’s Project has no responsibility for the service provider’s personal tax obligations or NI contributions, which are the sole responsibility of the service provider.

Notice Period:

The agreement may be terminated with 4 weeks’ notice by either party. In the event that the service provider fails to adhere to the service requirements and terms, Kyra may terminate the contract without notice.


To apply for this role, please send your CV and a covering letter setting out your relevant experience and qualifications, and how you will meet the requirements of this contract, to, by Monday 21 December 2020.

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