So thank you Kyra for giving me back my life.!


I can’t believe its been 3 weeks since we finished our Self-Esteem class, but I just wanted to update you on my progress.

Several people have noticed a big change in me recently; one nurse at work commented last week that I seem much more confident with myself.   My Mum keeps saying the course has done me so much good and she can see the change in me also.  The biggest news though, and this is something I would never have thought possible, is that I arranged for myself and my friend to go to London for the weekend to take part as extras in a film which was shot on Sunday in Streatham.  I saw an opportunity outside of my comfort zone, had the confidence to go through with it and had the time of my life on Sunday.   The film is called Price of Life and will be doing the film festival circuits in December.  I was extra in the crowd scene which will be around 90 seconds in the film, but took 10 hours to film.  I spent 10 hours in a studio with my favourite actor (Ben Aldridge – Captain James from Our Girl) at arms length, and had the pleasure of meeting him and all the crew and producers involved.  Such a lovely bunch of people.  It was definitely the best day of my life and will take some beating.   So thank you Kyra for giving me back my life.!

Lots of Love


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