Winter Workshops – Creative Wellbeing with Lulu

I know this can be a really difficult time of year. Especially when we are struggling with out mental health or going through hard times in life. So let’s get together in small groups and create special gifts for ourselves or others in a warm, supportive environment.

Well being ornaments

Decorate a wooden hanging ornament with positive wellbeing art. Hang in your home for yourself (or tree if you do celebrate Xmas) or gift to a loved one.

Hand stamped necklaces

Create a personalised necklace with words of your choice as a gift to someone special (including yourself). Includes a gift bag and mini card.

Fairy light bottles of hope

Fill your own glass bottle with sparkling fairy lights and messages of hope to bring you comfort this season.

‘Pick-me-up’ crackers

Make and decorate your own popping cracker filled with positivity, hope and self-care. Pull open when you need a wee pick-me-up this season.

Kindness cookies

Make a batch of gingerbread cookies and decorate with messages of kindness and calm. Includes a box to take away with you.

Framed rainbow scratch art

Create a framed piece of rainbow scratch art with a wellbeing theme. Hang in your home for yourself or gift to someone special.

‘A year of sunshine’ jars

Decorate and fill a special jar with notes on self-care, gratitude and hopeful words to utilise daily for 2020.

Holding on & letting go – New Year workshop

Create hand trace art to reflect and gather strength for moving into the new decade. Free free to discuss your art in a safe and supportive environment.

To express interest in any of the above workshops please contact Lulu via email: and dates during November/December will be arranged accordingly!

Members must be working with Lulu on a mentorship programme to participate due to limited spaces. If creative wellbeing and 1:1 mental health support interests you please use the email address above to arrange an appointment.

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