Counselling at Kyra

Kyra’s counsellors are available to our members on various days and at various times. We offer free counselling to women who feel they would benefit from a confidential, empathic listening space.

We have had many requests for Kyra counselling as we can help with issues including Addictions, Obsessions, OCD, Phobias, Self-harm, Domestic Abuse, Anxiety, Bereavement, Depression, Loss, Post-traumatic stress, Trauma, Self esteem, Women’s issues, Child related issues, Infertility, Pregnancy and post natal related issues, Relationships, Sexual Abuse, Anger management, Redundancy, Stress, Work related issues, Addictions.

We still have a waiting list for our counselling service but if you are a member and would like to make enquires about accessing the service please contact us directly at or call 01904 632332.

COVID 19 Update – The counselling team have continued to work via Zoom or telephone to offer support to clients who are willing to work remotely.  This is proving very successful and we are able to reach ladies who are isolated and anxious in the current climate.


Originally from Liverpool, I now live in York and I have two sons.  I enjoyed my corporate career with a major telecommunications/data company for many years until life events brought me to study counselling.

When Kyra opened in 2013, I realised what a wonderful organisation it would become – I was inspired and delighted to be able to set up our counselling service. It is an absolute privilege to work with so many dedicated volunteers and clients.

I am a registered Member of BACP (British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists) and I’m an integrative counsellor which means I utilise various therapies to work with my clients with person centred counselling being at the heart of all I do.  I also have specialist qualifications to deal with domestic abuse and bereavement and I have worked with both women and men who needed help with various addictions.

When I’m not at Kyra, I enjoy running, cooking, walking and spending quality time with friends and family.


Having spent 20 successful years in Sales, Design and Marketing working in a very male oriented industry, I then went onto working in publishing. My partner & I had 4 health and fitness businesses, where I helped to develop and launch sports distanced-learning programs in partnership with FE Colleges and Leading Sports Brands. My career path then changed where I became an area sales & commercial manager working for a car manufacturer managing 13 car dealerships across the North East and North Yorkshire.

Wanting to leave the commercial world behind in order to have a total different career path I found myself starting to train to become a counsellor, and there my journey began 7 years ago. I qualified in 2017 and I’ve loved working with Kyra ever since March 2016.

My hobbies include Yoga, keep fit classes, walking in the countryside, gardening and being at one with nature, cooking and baking.


Prior to qualifying as a therapist, I worked in business; managing teams, project management, ICT and working with diverse groups of people. My life experience has influenced my work now in understanding that whoever we are, we all have the same fundamental needs in order to be fulfilled, to be well and happy.

I hold a Higher Diploma in Human Givens counselling and psychotherapy (HG.Dip.P).  I use holistic and practical solution focused techniques based on current neurobiological and psychological knowledge to resolve emotional or physical difficulties and to help people feel better, grow and flourish.

I am particularly interested in helping people not just to recover from a current difficulty but to teach and empower them to use their innate resources and gain skills to successfully maintain and develop their sense of resilience and wellbeing through life’s up and downs.

I am proud to be part of the Kyra counselling team and contribute to supporting women to overcome challenges and discover their strong, confident selves and move forward with their lives.

To relax I enjoy spending time with my family, pets and especially, my grandchildren. Whenever I can I like to be outdoors as I am a keen gardener and beekeeper.


Chartered Counselling Psychologist & EMDR Consultant Practitioner

After a degree in Psychology –  3 years social work in the early 70s in Winson Green Birmingham  and later , Highfields , Leicester ,  taught me too much  about  real poverty and the pressures it put on mothers in particular . Unable to meet the basic needs of their children for security, for warmth, food and clothing in Birmingham slums, families ground down by poverty and the burden of debt – too often found their water or electricity cut off. Continually on the edge of crisis, the toll on mental health was shocking.  In Winson Green small packs of dogs that roamed the streets and derelict buildings would race after cyclists as they passed. I bought a 60cc motor scooter to outpace them and learnt to wear knee high leather boots all the year round!

I left social work with relief as we moved to Scotland and the birth of our first child three weeks later. Three more children over the next 8 years and I yearned to somehow balance motherhood and the need to return to the wide-open world of work beyond. During those years knitting and sewing for the children – (we had just one income and things were tough financially) gave me an understanding of fibre.  I became a tapestry weaver and designer – a maker – selling through exhibitions and commissions in York and later in Merseyside throughout the 80s. Challenging and enjoyable, it allowed me to balance the needs of my young children , with the need to meet others beyond the immediacy of the home. In the end, despite success and recognition, this was not enough. I needed meaning. I was selling to those who had money – to those who had rarely if ever been without choice.

By the close of the 1980s I was desperate to get back to work – to Psychology – to find structure and a life beyond working from home.

Over the next decade I completed  an MA by research (on Belief Systems) at Liverpool; began working as a staff/student counsellor  at JMU ; ran courses on stress management and assertiveness whilst opening a private counselling practice  from home in Formby;  took the 3 year PT Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling at Liverpool JMU.,  and later began sessional teaching there .

I began work with a large NHS medical centre in Litherland – an area with some real poverty and deprivation expressed in a wide range of psychological and physical distress. I loved the work and being part of a team with a common purpose. After a re-organisation of counselling services in the Trust, I joined the Occupational Health Unit of Lancashire Constabulary as their in-house Psychologist and Trauma Therapist. The 7 years spent there with a brilliant very supportive and enthusiastic team were tremendous… Over a wide range of mental health difficulties, treatment meant that staff were able to return to work – in most cases without relapse. The unit won national awards several years running. Around this time, I spent 2 very challenging, and often difficult years, working with long term patients in a secure unit – wishing I knew more….

When we left, towards retirement, to come down to York in 2007, after such a busy life – it was like walking into a vacuum. I had to start all over again.  I felt very isolated and cast adrift – but knew that the only way to go forward was to walk into the desert step by step….to slowly build something different. Since then the practice has established alongside teaching and clinical supervision of other practitioners, many of whom work in the NHS.

It seemed important to give something back for all the good fortune I have been lucky to have.  I found Kyra – a vibrant, colourful and energetic young project offering to women – (amongst so much more) – free effective therapy and counselling for those for whom it is otherwise unavailable.

Kyra has a brilliant team – lovely people – supportive, flexible and knowledgeable across a wide range of sectors. – A project I am proud to be part of.


Sarah MBACP, Master Practitioner of NLP CPCAB L4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling Person Centred Counsellor at Kyra since 2017.  Previously I worked in the Civil Service where roles included Resource Management and Science Team Leader, following research studies and a Doctorate in Biosciences.


My working life started with over twenty years’ experience of training and development, change management, and one to one management support in a variety of sectors. These included the travel, import/export businesses, education and various not-for-profit organisations. This gave me the opportunity to travel myself and I have spent time working abroad, most recently in Africa a few years ago.

I’d always been interested in ‘what made people tick’, and was about 19 when I first thought that we just don’t listen to one another well enough, although it took until 2005 before I started studying counselling and psychology. Since learning more about Human Givens, I’ve become enthusiastic about its positive approach and use of a range of therapeutic techniques, appropriate to each individual. The approach focuses on using effective, research-based techniques that help people build on their strengths to find more beneficial ways to deal with current issues and move on with their lives as quickly as possible.

When not at work, my interests include cooking, reading, languages and travel, world cinema and, most importantly, spending time with friends and family.

I am a student completing my MA in Counselling at York St John University. I received my degree in Psychology from the University of Chester and while I started in the broader field of Psychology I have always been naturally drawn to Counselling. I believe that there aren’t enough safe spaces for people to open up and just be themselves, but we can achieve this safe space through Counselling and I love being a part of that. I am training to be a Person-Centred Integrative Counsellor and Kyra is where I am doing my placement. Kyra is a wonderful organisation that does amazing work and helps so many women. I hope to be able to contribute to this work